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Port position

Senta covers an area of 293 km² with population of 26,000 people of various nationalities. Senta's geographical location is ideal because the city has excellent road and rail traffic lines, which connects Senta with all four sides of the world. The road chain is including local roads in length of 25,200 m, regional roads in lenght of 33,432 m and main roads in lenght of 7,559 m. A road - railway bridge near Senta connects northern Backa and Banat since 1963.

The port is located at a strategic point on the Tisa river in Senta, and most importantly, it is the only international port on this river.

Primary - The port goal is to accept all types of goods transported from Ukraine to the mouth into Danube and further via Danube river, with the aim of reducing the increased costs of transportation by road.